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Vodovodna cesta 90, Ljubljana

The name of the company JP VODOVOD-KANALIZACIJA d.o.o. can be translated into English as “Ljubljana Water Works and Sewerage”. The company is one of the seven companies that are part of the Ljubljana Township’s Holding. It is a regional company with a record of continuous existence since 1890. The company employs over 400 personnel performing everyday technical and professional tasks on the communal systems that the company manages, systems for the supply of drinking water and the canalisation systems.
The basic activities of the company are:

  • public water supply,
  • sewage collection, treatment and discharge,
  • rainwater sewage collection and discharge,
  • management of all water works, sewage and water treatment facilities.

The company annually sells 25 Mm3 of drinking water, and discharges and treats approximately the same amount of sewage water. The Technical-Investment sector, directly involved in this project with highly trained experts, is in charge of:

  • the environmentally sustainable development of water supply and water sewage systems, adapted to the physical plans of the development of Ljubljana,
  • the optimisation of the water supply and water sewage systems with the objective of achieving high operation safety and low pollution levels, the establishment of long-term planning for the supply of drinking water, and the sustainable usage of water sources.

JP VODOVOD-KANALIZACIJA is as a traditional socially responsible company strongly connected to the environment where it performs its activities. It also expresses its environmentally responsible role by undertaking the responsibility of the main supporting partner of the project INCOME.


Logo Vodovod-Kanalizacija
Logo Vodovod-Kanalizacija